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Returning to the Fire

September 1, 2015

I am a writer, a seeker and a finder of magic.

My writing is about seeking truth through story.

What do I mean by that? I mean that no matter how many times you tell someone the cold hard facts, if they have no emotional connection to what you are saying there will be no impact.

We used to learn by listening to stories told by people who had our best interest at heart. In the modern, western world the media has replaced those trusted parents, friends, grandparents and elders.

The screen has replaced the fire as the centre of our lives.

And what story is modern media telling us? Sometimes the message is good, but largely the undercurrent is one of fear. Grounded, centered, happy people don’t spend money. The stories told by our screens today keep us stuck in the mud of comparison, of not-good-enough and of want.

But just telling the old stories isn’t enough. What relevance is a story from hundreds of years ago to a woman trapped in a cycle of binge eating? How can reading the tales of ancestors long dead give someone the answers they are looking for when they lose their job? The answer is that the truth at the center of those old stories is universal and timeless. All we need is to have them spun differently so that they feel relevant today.

My work in the world is to bring women back to the fire: back to the sacred truthful centre of their lives. My mission is to inspire you to find that sacred flame within yourself.

Robert Fulghum wrote:

I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history. That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience. That laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death.

…and I believe that a good story has the power to change this world.




Speak Up

May 30, 2014

“I write because I have come to trust that when we honour our own voice and speak up there will always be someone nourished by what we say.” – Jane Cunningham



The more I circle around and get closer and closer to what is really true for me, the closer I get to the importance of stories. One of my sisters in this work is Jane Cunningham. Jane’s bio calls her a ‘conduit of Love and a creativity activist’, and I whole-heartedly agree with that description. Jane is also a storyteller, an artist, and a teacher of women’s soul work. Her work inspires me so much – so I was honoured when she passed me the talking stick in a blog hop about voice and creativity and writing.


As part of this blog hop, each of us responds to 4 questions. Here are my responses:


I have just released my first novel, so at the moment I am working on sharing that work with the world. I am also working to navigate the strange space that exists after a major piece of work is released. It is a strange and magical space to inhabit. When you write a book, it is very solitary, and it is also often ‘done’ a long time before it is released. It’s hard to get your head and heart back in the space of writing the book enough to talk about it with people, especially when your head is often full of the next project.

I am now working at gathering the bones for my next book. I keep thinking that I know what it will be about – I have even written the first section – but it keeps changing form. My first book was a modern heroine’s journey, but it also was about healing the feminine. This next piece will be far more about healing our ancestral wounds. I am really excited about it but I know that it will consume me in a different way, so I feel a holding back. But as Jane reported back from Dr. Estes: we are obliged to shine our light, and I know that this book will not allow me to hold back for very much longer.

I am also working at learning Spanish and planning the next Redfox Retreat, which is all about looking at our stories -so there is lots to keep me busy!


In some ways, my work is different because it is metaphysical women’s fiction. Most books about the heroine’s journey and the divine feminine are non-fiction. When I started writing it was partly to write the book that I wanted to read! There are lots of books with magical aspects and lots of authors who I love, but none of them were focusing on the woman’s spiritual path. Other fictional accounts of a spiritual journey – at the time I started writing – were written by men. I’ve been so wrapped up in my own writing that I haven’t gone looking for a while though, so I hope that there are more now!


This is a really easy one to answer: I write what I do because I can’t help it. I write to catch on paper the characters and ideas and words that follow me around. I have always loved spiritual and inspirational writing and have collected quotes and spent all of my money on books since I was 15! Writing never felt ‘right’, though, until I finally listened to what my heart and soul wanted to write.


My process is far less ‘process’ than I would like it to be. The idea for Unfurl presented itself to me as I came out of mediation. I am sorry to say, I have rarely sat in meditation since, as it provides too much inspiration for me to handle! So my writing process is quite changeable. I try very hard to be the kind of writer who can show up every day and write something, but that just doesn’t work for me. I rebel against myself! So instead, I try to listen to the nudges and show up to do something every day – whether that is writing or moving or creating in some way – but I don’t force the writing. I can write for hours, days, weeks with regularity and then I can go for days, weeks and even months without writing a word. When I DO write, however, I lose myself in it. I show up and get out of the way. When I let myself write when it wants to come and allow what wants to come through, I find I get the richest and most surprising writing. When I force it, it comes out stale and stiff. When I write that way and then look back at my writing, I often don’t even recognize it. It is as if I am being used as a channel – like I have been given something to share with other people. It is in those moments that I understand what people mean by being ‘in the flow’.

Lately my focus has shifted to the importance of stories, so some of my process now includes reading about writing and story. I think that the more I read, the richer my writing gets.

Speaking of women’s voice and writing, I now pass the talking stick to the remarkable and deeply inspiring Amy Palko. Amy is a writer, photographer, and publisher and based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She follows the red thread of the subversive sacred feminine, and is endlessly fascinated by where it leads her.

I can’t wait to read what she has to say!

Unfurl, writing, yes

Unfurl is Released!

April 16, 2014

“There isn’t any such thing as an ordinary life.” – L.M. Montgomery, Emily Climbs



I am so excited to share my novel with you. It was released yesterday!

I made the decision about 6 weeks ago to self-publish. Last night I went onto the Createspace website and hit the ‘Publish My Book’ button. (What a great button!) It told me that it would be 5 – 7 days before it went live on Amazon’s sites. This morning I put a sneaky photo on Instagram and discovered 10 minutes later that it was already available to buy!

Unfurl is a novel about magic and food and baggage and connection. It is about looking at yourself and the stories that hold you back. Best described by one reader as Eat, Pray, Love meets The AlchemistUnfurl was initially written as my response to Sue Monk Kidd’s comment about women being the largest untapped resource on the planet. Fed stories of unworthiness and fear, shame and guilt, many women believe that they are powerless. This book is my attempt to give contemporary women a new story to believe in. A modern heroine’s journey with a dose of sacred magic, Unfurl is the story of what happens when you dare to ask for more.

I’ve got all of the chapters recorded, so I will be releasing an audio version in the coming weeks, but in the meantime if you are interested and would like to buy a book, if you are in North America, go here. If you are in the UK go here.  (Please ignore the temporarily out of stock message – it’s only because they are printing them on demand – please, demand!) If you are anywhere else and it’s on your Amazon site, please let me know the link!

Updated: It’s being converted to Kindle as we speak and should be on there by or before the 29th.

If you want to hear the first chapter, you can also go here.

This is the result of many years of writing and dreaming – I have to tell you, it feels amazing.