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What Are You Wishing For?

November 21, 2017
“Time for a little refresher on manifesting change, parking spots, and a new magical treehouse, Meghan.
Think about it as if it were already done. (Note “already done” part.)
 Keep showing up, doing all you can, every day, in every way, until already done. (Note “keep” part.) 
 For complicated cases, like when dealing with invisible, limiting beliefs, negative friends, or staring down adversity: follow the exact same steps.  
You’ve got it made,
  The Universe”



It’s been nearly six years since we started talking about moving to Costa Rica, but before that, long long before that, I wanted a treehouse.

I know this because a million years ago, when I signed up for Notes from the Universe, I put on my profile that I wanted a Magical Treehouse. And ever since then, the Universe has occasionally been reminding me about how close I am to getting one.

For years I would just smile and laugh a little bit and remember how silly I had felt adding that to my profile. I obviously wanted a treehouse at that time (I mean, who doesn’t?) but there were a million other things I wanted too. I don’t know why I chose to put that in my profile. What I do know is that I knew then and I know now what the feeling of having a Magical Treehouse would be like. And looking forward it was very much the same feeling I’ve been working with for the past few years.

windowsLast week when we were up in our new house, talking to the builder, I looked up and realized that we had built a treehouse. Our house isn’t IN a tree (In Costa Rica, that would be crazy!), but where it sits is level with the treetops in all directions. I even got a delighted text from my husband yesterday telling me that he was at the same level as some visiting monkeys.

Magic is real. It isn’t always easy, and it rarely happens the way you thought it would or the way you planned it. The creator of Notes From the Universe, Mike Dooley, talks about avoiding the cursed hows, and I absolutely believe that. If I had actually planned for a treehouse, I would be living a different life in a different place. Instead, we focused on the feelings we wanted and paid attention to the messages and the instructions and the ideas that we got.

And even though it was never ever in our Costa Rica plan, next week we are going to move into a magical treehouse. After all of this time and with no actual plan for one and with no actual tree.

What seeds are you planting right now? What magic are you making? What magic have you made that surprised you?

It’s possible.

I send you so much love,


In the Gap

August 21, 2017
in the gap

in the gap


Maybe I’m in the black, maybe I’m on my knees
Maybe I’m in the gap between the two trapezes
But my heart is beating and my pulses start
Cathedrals in my heart.

~ Coldplay, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall


Not long ago, there was a full solar eclipse. It was on March 20, 2015. Why do I know this? Because I was in the middle of one of the biggest changes of my life. We had left England and we were staying in Canada for a few days before taking the first flight to Costa Rica.

We were literally in the gap between one life and the next. I remember driving somewhere with my music on shuffle and hearing Coldplay singing about the gap between the two trapezes and feeling like that was exactly where I was: dangling in mid-air, hair flying, hoping beyond hope that there was going to be something there when I reached out my hand.

The last one? March 2016. How do I know that? Because we were in the middle of the final, final pack. The decision had been made that this was forever and we had to go back to the UK to deal with everything there. That particular time was, for personal reasons, one of the hardest of my life.

Athena Perrakis of Sage Goddess taught me that one of the ways to understand this eclipse is to look back at where you were during the last one.

Well, during the last two, I was in the gap; in the middle of leaping headfirst into a new life. And since then, I have spent time in some dark places and some very bright ones. I have moved through being proud of myself, afraid of where I live, ashamed of not ‘living up’ to my plans, coming to terms with what I saw as the excess light here, becoming more balanced as I found more darkness, letting go of some dreams, opening up to new ones, being lonely, being more in love with my changing husband, and finally beginning to create my business. I have faced some fears – both real and imagined – and let some things go. So much of what happened was because I was not conscious of what was happening, and looking back, I can see how much of it was actually of my own making.

So what does that tell me about this one?

Well here I sit again, in the gap between one life and the next. We are in the last months of building our house. We are about to move and finally finally unpack. Most of my things – what’s left of them anyway – have been packed since just before the last eclipse. I have just recently begun showing up daily to my writing (I’m on 24 days in a row), and I have learned to really pay attention to what is going ON, not what I think is going on.

Jason Miller wrote a great post about this eclipse. He offers a few suggestions but the one I like the best is this: “The moon and the sun are off the table, leaving a wide empty space to be filled. Fill it.”

During this eclipse, I am looking towards the next one. Where do I want to be then? I want to have healed my inner program of threat and fear. I want to have healed my inner program about being afraid of money. I want to have opened to more visibility, be writing another book, and be happy in my home. I want a labyrinth and a loving community.

I want to feel FULL; prosperous in every way.

So I’m committing today, under this eclipse, to focusing on clearing up everything that is in the way of that. To focus on building the cathedrals in my heart.

Bring on July 2, 2019. I am ready.





A Year of Magical Eating

A Year of Magical Eating ~ The Rules

June 7, 2017
coffee shop uvita

First we eat, then we do everything else. ~ M.F.K. Fisher

No matter what else I have to do, I keep coming back to thinking about A Year of Magical Eating. It feels so True for me; so straight-from-Source that I want to do it right now.

So despite saying that I wasn’t going to follow any rules, I think I need to set myself some rules, and if this is an experiment, I’d also like to create myself a working hypothesis so that you and I and we and the Universe all know what all of this is about.

The Rules:

  1. This is not and will not become about food porn. It is so easy to get sucked in to what other people are showing on their beautifully styled counters, but that is not what this is. This is about me finding the Magic in food, and so that needs to be deeper than ogling and liking and fondling and curating.
  2. No diets or programs or isms of any kind. Even if the spirit of Julia Child herself comes and presents me with the latest and greatest and best diet in the history of the planet; even if they suddenly decide that The Chocolate-Dipped Mesolithic Diet is the way to go, I’m out. For a year. NO. PLANS.
  3. I will stay gluten free because a doctor told me to.
  4. Magic is the word I use for the moment of connection between me and the Mystery/ Source/ the Divine/ choose the word that makes you happy, so this is all about me playing with connecting to the energy and the life force and the relationship and the biology-driven purpose behind eating, and what that means to me.
  5. Science is the prerequisite for this course. As Magic is the focus, for balance I will also be looking at some Science. (And I will not comment on this stage about how close those two things really are, but I will warn you of author bias in this area.)
  6. I am open to the magic of where this takes me. 

And once again, the beginning, the basic premise and the working hypothesis for this year is:

“…realise that you are eating consciousness in a fruit costume.” ~ Dr. Barbara De Angelis.