Returning to the Fire ~ The Circle

“We always return to the… fire for it is the soul within our homes and sacred places. We have always sat together by the flames and this is a primordial human experience that we share… it is not only logs and twigs that we feed our fires. We feed the flames with our stories, placing yarns and myths and fire songs into our shared hearth. In this way we keep our wise fires burning as generations of sisters arrive and depart, continuous circles of women taking their places around the fire.” ~ Carolyn Hillyer

returning to the fire

What is it?

It’s Magic* School for Grown-Up Women.

It’s Magic School because I want you to take your wonderful, magical, mysterious life seriously.

I also want you to take it playfully, delightfully, and joyfully.

But I want you to take it.

It’s not about weight.

It’s not about money.

It’s not about love.

It’s not about health.

It’s not about anything.

It’s about tending the fire:

Your Fire.

It’s about showing up, over and over and over again.

The way your future self would want you to.

And making her happen.



Once Upon a Time there was a woman who knew that she was powerful…

I believe that we are all Magic. We are all Divine. I believe that the longings and the yearnings and the wantings that fill us come from all of the places that we are disconnected from who we are.

I can help you re-align with your Magic*.

Did you know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you? That there is nothing to be fixed? That there is nowhere to get to?

I can help you remember all of the ways it is possible to love your life.

Returning to the Fire is about you remembering who you are and then living from that place. Because it is from that place that miracles happen.

All you have to do is Return to the Fire.

Come, join the circle.

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It’s Magic* School for grown-up women, and the curriculum is all about helping you to know, see, feel, and make your life Magic.*


I know what it is like to read the book or do the e-course and to then be on fire about something only to have that fire fizzle out ~ and to wonder, “what’s wrong with me?” (Hint: there is nothing wrong with you.)

That is why this is a 12 week course. This gives us lots of time to take the steps together and to really practice and to really take time to integrate the changes and openings into your life.

I know what it is like to feel like the only thing holding you back is your own mindset, and to long for a circle or a mentor or a wise old aunt (like Aunt Frances from Practical Magic? Right?) to keep you on track and to remind you of how Magical you are.

I know what it is like to yearn for a circle of women – a tribe – and a safe place to be yourself. I know what it is like to wish for rich, deep, honest conversations and to be able to talk about true and real things.

That is what this course is about: true and real things (and lots of enchanted and mystical things too).

What is it?

12 weeks of Magic*, starting on September 6 (the full moon) and finishing on December 1.

An email 3-5 days a week, following the curriculum below.

A Daily Ritual that we will all do together – with accountability.

You discovering what you really want and how you really want to feel and doing that on purpose.

Journalling prompts, invitations and guided meditations.

Me helping you to be accountable to yourself.

Group calls.

New and Full Moon Ceremonies to honour what we have learned, let go of and are calling in.

A Three-Card Oracle Reading from me just for you.

Videos, meditations, conversations, rituals, book recommendations, invitations, and lots of connection.

A group visioning session to prepare us for 2018 before the craziness of the holidays set in. You’ll be ready, aligned and clear about a whole new year by the time December begins.

Free entry to my Enchanted October class.

A private FB group, including FB live videos from me.


The Curriculum

Clearing Space for the Fire

  • Preparing the way by playing with the concepts of Eating Magically, Words as Spells, and the elements that help to create the Fire within us.
  • The crazy idea that doing work actually creates freedom.

Lighting the Fire

  • Aligning your tools.
  • Crafting a vision for yourself that goes beyond anything you have imagined
  • Creating rituals to begin making that vision a reality.
  • Calling in your Circle.

Tending the Fire

  • The Care and Handling of Magical Creatures.
  • How to make your whole life sacred.
  • The Life-Changing Secret to a Magical Life.

And then Something Even Better Happened…

  • Making a vision and a plan for 2018
  • Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude, gratitude and more gratitude.

**The Curriculum is subject to change depending on the needs of the group.


Working with you is amazing!!  You are right there in it with us … with me … and Every. Single. Time. I need guidance or a shoulder or whatever you are right there! You ALWAYS put a new spin on things that I wouldn’t have seen for myself and I can’t even put into words how grateful I am for that!!!!!!!! In fact right now I could cry thinking about it.  You are truly something special …. something magical … in this world and we are all better for it!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXO
~ In Cahoots Participant

What will it cost?

OPTION 1: $99 a month, paid by direct debit

OPTION 2: one payment of $297

OPTION 3: one payment of $375 for the 12 week course + a one hour call with me – including an extra Oracle Reading – to help you create a deeper magical practice. (These places are very limited so that I can really focus on you. Newsletter subscribers, please check your inbox for a payment offer.)

UK peeps – it will save us both money if you pay in pounds. Please email me and I will send you my PayPal address and the current cost in £s.

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“Working with Meghan Genge is, in a word, *MAGIC*. It’s no coincidence that she’s claimed that word as her own. Meghan has a way of seeing into your soul, unraveling the darkest parts of you, and reconnecting you with your truest Self. She does this by asking questions: challenging, playful, mysterious, wonder-full…and sometimes obvious…questions. The ones that you haven’t thought of, or the ones you haven’t been brave enough to face. She does so with kindness, love, and compassion. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Meghan in person and via email/Skype, and she never fails to help create powerful shifts in my life and perspective. She is a bringer of magic, inviting you to play and unravel your life, love, and dreams. I will always invest in her e-offerings and retreats because I know that working with Meghan will change my life in an extraordinary way.” ~ Becki Macary


Freedom and Magic*

When I started changing my life, it was with a simple affirmation: Magic and Miracles happen everywhere I go. That simple request for connection; that simple acknowledgement of possibility started me on a path that has taken my life to astonishing places.

And now my life has become an affirmation: Freedom and Magic.

*Magic: your intimate connection to the Mystery/ Freedom: the feeling that comes when you are operating from that place of connection.

That is what I want for you.

Because when you are connected to the Divine – to the Universe, to the Source, to the Magic – you stop seeing all of the ways that you don’t measure up. You stop seeing all of the ways that you aren’t good, and start seeing all of the ways that you are. When you know that you are connected and supported and on purpose, you can move forward in your life in any and every way that feels right for you.

And moving forward from that space frees you to be open to even more.

Finding Magic and Creating Freedom in a circle of like-minded women.

That is what Returning to the Fire is all about.