Let me take you to the sea and to the jungle. Let’s connect and wonder and talk about wild and magical things…


Finding the Magic ~ In Costa Rica

Finding the Magic is not about retreating.

Finding the Magic is about embracing.

It is about taking a bit of time for yourself so that you can return to your life feeling more full and more nourished and more connected than ever before.

It is about spending time in lush, abundant surroundings, all of which whisper to you that anything is possible.

It is about being part of an intimate circle of women, creating community, journaling, creating, making magic, holding space for each other, and believing in our dreams.

It is about learning how to not only find the magic but how to actively participate in it.

It is about eating nourishing food, spending time with the sea, living in the jungle and laughing with the Howler Monkeys.

It is about you remembering how powerful and glorious and divine you are.

It is about Magic*.

It is about you.


Each Retreat will Include:

  • Small, intimate groups of no more than 6 women.
  • Fresh, organic, gluten free, meals.
  • Mornings at the beach, afternoons by the pool, dinners around our table.
  • Playing with Magic, feeling out a vision for your life and creating a practice to bring it all together.
  • Green juices, delicious teas, fresh fruit, and unlimited coconuts!
  • Exploring the town of Dominical.
  • Lots of space just for you to pause, to dream, and to rest.


Why Costa Rica?

costa-rica-sunset-meghan-gengeThe motto for Costa Rica is Pura Vida. In English, this means ‘pure life’, and there isn’t a better way to describe this country! Even though Costa Rica only takes up 0.03% of the planet, it hosts more than 5% of the world’s biodiversity. It is impossible to come here and not see or eat something remarkable. We live in the Southern Zone, and when you arrive you will understand why we chose to live here: it is special. The air is different here. The mountains dip their toes in the sea. There is a sand bar shaped like the tail of a whale. In fact, the whales come here to teach their babies how to swim! I can’t wait to share it with you.


meghan genge with wingsMagic is the word I use for the moment of connection between me and the Mystery.

Magic is the tingle, the wonder, and the enchantment. Magic is the belief in something more. Magic is the delight, the help, the wink, the words, the Divine, the angels, the transcendent, the unexplainable, the miracle, the holy. Magic is the moments when we remember who we are.  My life began changing when I began actively participating in my relationship with Magic. In Finding the Magic I am going to help you cultivate your own relationship. In fact, I will ask you to look the Mystery straight in the eye and even to wink back.

If I haven’t convinced you, maybe she will…

Just one more thing…

passion flower meghan gengeI will not and can not change your life. Nobody can do that except you. But I do know that if you can get clear on how you want to feel, give yourself the space and the tools to create a vision, and practice opening to the Magic, your life will change in ways that you cannot possibly imagine.

I know this because I have been there. I have done it. And I would like to share what I have learned with you.

You can do it too.

Come to Costa Rica. Come and spend time with me in this sacred and beautiful place. Come, change your life.

Coming winter 2018. Sign up here to be the first to know when registration is open.


Do you have a group of women who would like to ‘retreat’ with me here in Costa Rica? Do you have an upcoming retreat and want me to come and lead a session or two?  Contact me for more information about bespoke retreats.


What it is like working with Me ~

“Working with Meghan Genge is, in a word, *MAGIC*. It’s no coincidence that she’s claimed that word as her own. Meghan has a way of seeing into your soul, unraveling the darkest parts of you, and reconnecting you with your truest Self. She does this by asking questions:challenging, playful, mysterious, wonder-full…and sometimes obvious…questions. The ones that you haven’t thought of, or the ones you haven’t been brave enough to face. She does so with kindness, love, and compassion. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Meghan in person and via email/Skype, and she never fails to help create powerful shifts in my life and perspective. She is a bringer of magic, inviting you to play and unravel your life, love, and dreams. I will always invest in her e-offerings and retreats because I know that working with Meghan will change my life in an extraordinary way.” ~ Becki Macary   I have such a soft spot for elephants...


“To me an excellent teacher is someone that kindly imparts their wisdom and holds a sweet space for you to absorb it. Meghan is just that kind of person. She is caring and wise and she leads from those places. She’s also a great writer, whose words come from a thoughtful and deep place. I love to read what she writes because I always feel like I walk away with a little “aha” moment. I can not wait to see what Meghan puts out into the world next, because there is doubt it’s going to be magical.” ~ Laurie Jacobsen


returning to the fire “It truly felt like a warm blanket was wrapped around us all as we unravelled ourselves and became clearer on the journey ahead. I was sold on Redfox because of Susannah, Sas and Meg; truly gifted souls who I knew would create a magical and life changing experience. Yet I was so amazed at the thought, love and energy that went into making it so special. It was really summed up for me as I stepped into the taxi at the end of the retreat with tears trickling down my cheeks. The taxi driver said, ‘it’s hard saying bye to family isn’t it?” ~ Michelle McCarten, Redfox Retreats 2014


divine meghan genge “It was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Redfox gave me an incredible, powerful circle of women who fully get it. And I mean GET IT. Three months later every aspect of my life changed, from work to my love life to my home and health. Some shifts are subtle; others are massive and unmistakable. The way Sus, Sas and Meghan supported every unravel, every lightbulb and every tear. The way I could finally (FINALLY) be entirely truthful about what I want and who I am. I can honestly say that my experience at Redfox has changed my life. ~ Jenny, Redfox Retreats, 2013


buddha meghan genge“When I look back on the days we spent at the retreat, the hope I feel almost bursts out of my chest. Firstly, I need to say how completely transforming just signing up for this retreat was for me – it took me a long time to convince myself I was worth it. The strength I got from these few days was unbelievable – I felt so much more able to tackle my life when I went home and so inspired to direct my life consciously towards my soul’s desire. I can feel it in my bones that these are lifelong friendships I’ve made. ~Fiona Shevlin, Redfox Retreats 2013


IMG_0530“This was a magical event – it was one of the absolute best things I did in 2013. So grateful. Sus, Sas & Meghan combined forces to create a gentle, restorative, deeply nurturing retreat that also popped me out of my ruts and got me realigned with my best path. I am no stranger to gatherings and have a fair understanding of what it takes to create a magical one, and I can tell you these three women have it going on.” ~ Elizabeth Duvivier, Redfox Retreats 2013


fire meghan genge “Going to Redfox is one of the most self-loving things I’ve ever done. I came away physically and emotionally restored, feeling healed and a part of a circle of Vixen sisters. I went in with an expectation of clarity and came away with that and so much more. Because although I was away, I was home. I felt comfortable in my skin. I was myself, the authentic me. There was no need to apologize, no need to strive, no need to do anything but, be.” ~ Gerri Smalley, Redfox Retreats 2013

Working with me online ~

“I loved having a inspiring email every day, the thoughts and suggestions to be enchanting not just for the month but to work into our life and the way Meghan makes you feel like you are having a cup of tea with a good friend.” 

  Smile Meghan Genge“Meghan’s Enchanted October course added so much sparkle and delight to my month. The amount of content and things to dive in to and explore was deep and delicious and will be a resource for me going forward. Meg really empowers you to find your own magic in the everyday. She is a wonder full champion of the power of intention and the access we all have to magic in every single moment of our lives.” ~ Sarah

Order here. #love #cafemonocongo“A wonderfully enchanting October, thank you so much Meghan, it was a little bit of magic in my inbox every morning and encouraged me to find more magic in my everyday. I thought the tone and content was just right, accessible for everyone without being too heavy on the mystical/witchy stuff – although I love that so more would have been fine with me! I hope you’ll do more courses like this in future, I’ll definitely be signing up.”

    “Getting an email every flower meghan genge costa ricaday from Meghan was such a delightful shot of her warm nurturing energy. The content of the emails was thought provoking and deep, while also being grounded and practical. I really enjoyed it!” “A wonderful month with Meghan. I so enjoyed reading her email every day and am sad it has come to an end. Loads of wonderful content, links to learn more and so interesting. I can’t wait to do more courses with her.” ~ Nicola Dent