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June 19, 2015
Dominical Surf

Dominical Costa Rica Meghan Genge


After an overwhelming beginning, in the past few weeks we have begun to emerge from our cave. And just like everything else in Costa Rica, when we opened up a little, life rushed up to meet us. Opportunities appeared and magic happened. We’ve been house hunting and property hunting and meeting builders and retreat planning, and that’s only a partial list!

One of the many lessons that this time in Costa Rica has taught me is that the use of our time is a choice. It would be really easy to sit here, margarita in hand, and waste our days.

But we wanted to make a life that we never needed a holiday from, not a life that was a perpetual holiday. And whether that happens or not is completely up to us.

Having no stuff, no television, a slightly uncomfortable house and no social life has really meant that we’ve been faced with ourselves. And I have had to decide who I want to be and how I want to spend my time. And it has become very clear.

What I want to do is write ~ for you. I want to write stories and blog posts that come straight from my heart. I want to focus on the magical and the whimsical and the Pura Vida – the Pure Life – that we are a part of, no matter where we live or what we are doing. It’s what I know for sure: that life is happening in every single moment, and that the magic is there if we choose to see it.

So as with all of the other things in my life, changes are afoot here. Look for a new website, more stories and my very-soon-to-be-announced ‘The Holy Yes’ retreat, hopefully happening in Costa Rica in November.

In the meantime we’ll be in Canada soaking up time with family, eating baked goods until we can’t eat any more (we’ve only had two gas burners for the past three months. My husband has gone into serious oven withdrawal), and dreaming of the next phase of this adventure.

As always, sending you so much love,






P.S. If you are interested in knowing more about my upcoming retreat, just send me an email. I’d love to tell you about what I am cooking up.

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