Oracle Readings

Oracle Readings


What is it?

A three card oracle reading. A check-in with the Mystery. A chance to dance with the Magic.

What’s it for?

Any time that you just want to have a little boost of magic or a message from the Universe.

My favourite questions to ask are: “What would inspire _______ right now?” or “What does _____ need to know right now?”

Being open to what comes gives us both the chance to call in the magic.

What will happen?

Within three days of getting your payment, I will do a reading for you. You’ll then get an email from me with a photograph of the cards I pulled (or those that jumped out, that’s often how it goes with me), a paragraph of my ‘read’ on it, and then the explanations from the book that came with the cards. I’ll also send you a suggestion for crystals to work with based on the reading.

Sometimes I will also have animal or other creature visitors or smells or thoughts come to me while I am reading, so I’ll also let you know of anything else that comes in or up while I am thinking about you.

All readings are done outside, after a good smudge, and with a calling in of helpers and guides, the directions and the elements.

Notes: I have 8 different oracle decks that I like to work with so you will very likely not get a reading from a single deck. I’ve found that this opens things up for a stronger message (for example, one of the readings I did last week had two cards with the word heart on them. The message was pretty clear!)

I’d love to read for you!




  • Price: £ 33.00