10076552Despite all of the magic happening to and around me, I had a bit of a wobble yesterday. So I sat myself down and asked myself what it was that I really needed. It turns out that I needed comforting. I needed to feel all of the feels and allow the good, the bad and the really really ugly. And if I was being honest with myself, I would have really liked a lap to curl up in.

So I made one. I made one for you, for me, and for whoever needs a bit of love. I sat down and recorded a… meditation? Conversation? Cuddle? And I called it my PFD meditation.

Why PFD? Well PFD stands for Personal Floatation Device. They are the things that you wear to help you take care of yourself if you ever find yourself in deep waters. That’s what my intention was for this PFD recording:┬ásomething you can put on if you ever find yourself in deep waters and need a little lift.

I’m afraid that the sound is very much like it would be if we were sitting together – there are cicadas and birds joining us every step of the way – but it was made with love.

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