Magical Mornings


MM one to one

You are invited…

… to create a personal and powerful morning ritual that is so rooted in who you really are and so deeply connected to who you want to be that it becomes your easiest habit.

And the result of all of that?


Freedom from seeking. Freedom from wondering who you are and why you are here. Freedom from being hard on yourself for not doing more. Freedom from toxic comparisons – because you will be so rooted in you!

And from there you will find glorious, magical SPACE:

Space to focus on what you love, what you believe in, what you want to bring in.

How do we get there? By giving you clarity on who you are. By giving you something to use to check in with yourself. By giving you a touchstone that you can use every day to remember that you are amazing and powerful and on a mission to be on purpose – your purpose – and connected to the Magic of your life.


What is it?

hands-791371_640First I send you a series of emails with questions and invitations for you to work though. You spend some time focusing on you: what you love, what you believe, why you want to do what you want to do and who you are at your very best.

Then, when you are ready, we’ll schedule a call. During this call we will use all of the things you have gathered together to create a daily ritual that will help you plug into your Magic every single day.

Doing this ritual – and doing it every day – will change your life in ways that you cannot possibly imagine.



How do I know this?

Because it happened to me. A few years ago I stopped focusing on the things I wanted. I stopped trying to get somewhere. I stopped waiting until things were different.

I stopped trying to be good

flower-cracksI started focusing on what I loved and what lit me up. I started adding in and noticing and believing in the good stuff: like miracles and synchronicities and magic. I let myself believe that this universe is a loving place that not only wants to help me, but that can’t wait to play with me. I stopped trying to be good and started letting myself feel good.

And my life changed completely.

It started small: new friends appeared, I finished the novel I had been working on for years, I got better at my job, I got better at my marriage, my health improved, I said yes to painting in Italy and circling with women. And then bigger things happened: I published that novel, traveled to sunlit islands, collaborated with wild women and began dreaming up new ways to listen to the Magic. I kept following the good feelings, the yeses, the holy yeses, and the nudges of my most magical self until I found myself living a life beyond my wildest dreams on the coast of Costa Rica.



boardwalk-801723_640You don’t have to take a giant leap.

You don’t have to wait until you are ready or different from who you are right now. You don’t have to change anything about your current life. You don’t even have to know what you want, because your most magical self? She has plans for you that you don’t even know about yet.

You just have to be open to miracles.



I believe that we are capable of so much more than we know. I believe that there is more to life than we can possibly imagine. I believe that when we stop trying to make something happen, anything can happen. 

This will show you how.



What is it?

  • A series of emails – and you decide how you get them, either spread out over a month (to give you lots of time to really dig in) or as a two-day personal retreat (to give you a set time to really focus).
  • Each email will include an invitation to go deeper into some aspect of yourself: your values, your dreams, your identity, your wishes, and your vision.
  • Each email will build on the last one until you have a clear picture of who you are at your very best.
  • You will end with a call with me. Together we will use what you have discovered to help you create your ritual.



Are you ready to stop seeking and start finding?

Are you open to allowing bigger and more amazing dreams than your current self can imagine?

Do you want to infuse every day with magic and possibility?

When you stop trying to make something happen, anything can happen.



There are two payment options:

Option one (The Course) is £97 and it includes:

  • 12 emails, sent over the course of one month
  • an hour-long Skype session with me at the end of the session

Option two (The Retreat) is £177 and it includes:

  • 12 emails, sent over the course of three days (for example: one email on Friday, followed by the rest spaced out over Saturday and Sunday).
  • A private FB group (just you and me!) for the three days of your course. This is space for you to ask questions, play with ideas, and for me to support you during the process.
  • An hour-long Skype session with me at the end of the session.

 Do you want to do this process with someone else? Mother-daughter or friend groups work really well as support through this process. For two or more people signing up to do The Retreat at the same time, there is a £30 discount. Just send me an email and I’ll send you the code!

The Course


The Retreat


Did you do the original Magical Mornings course and want to do The Retreat? Send me an email and I’ll send you a juicy discount code.


Do you want to know more?

crystal-791376_640What we will be creating will help you plug in and connect to the highest vision of yourself.

Doing this ritual and tuning into your vision will help you get more out of the rest of your days. Whatever your job, however you fill your days, whatever your roles in life; whether your practice is yoga or meditating or baking or photography or writing or walking or even kick boxing, this ritual will help you get more out of anything you do, because you will bring more of yourself to it.

And yes, I believe in Magic. 



Who am I?

I am a writer, a seeker and a finder of magic. 

I lead courses and retreats for women who are looking to bring more spirit, connection and Magic into their lives.

I am also the author of the inspirational novel Unfurl.

You can find out more about me and my journey here.




What is it like working with me?

“Working with Meghan Genge is, in a word, *MAGIC*. It’s no coincidence that she’s claimed that word as her own. Meghan has a way of seeing into your soul, unraveling the darkest parts of you, and reconnecting you with your truest Self. She does this by asking questions: challenging, playful, mysterious, wonder-full…and sometimes obvious…questions. The ones that you haven’t thought of, or the ones you haven’t been brave enough to face. She does so with kindness, love, and compassion. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Meghan in person and via email/Skype, and she never fails to help create powerful shifts in my life and perspective. She is a bringer of magic, inviting you to play and unravel your life, love, and dreams. I will always invest in her e-offerings and retreats because I know that working with Meghan will change my life in an extraordinary way.” ~ Becki Macary

“Getting an email every day from Meghan was such a delightful shot of her warm nurturing energy. The content of the emails was thought provoking and deep, while also being grounded and practical. I really enjoyed it!


“Meghan’s Enchanted October course added so much sparkle and delight to my month. The amount of content and things to dive in to and explore was deep and delicious and will be a resource for me going forward. Meg really empowers you to find your own magic in the everyday. She is a wonder full champion of the power of intention and the access we all have to magic in every single moment of our lives.”
~ Sarah


redfox“I think the videos were my favourite – the pure magical light, passionate enthusiasm and childlike wonder and joy that shine out of you are completely infectious and I couldn’t help but smile along with you.” ~ Jennifer



open-hopes-meghan-genge-web“A wonderfully enchanting October, thank you so much Meghan, it was a little bit of magic in my inbox every morning and encouraged me to find more magic in my everyday. I thought the tone and content was just right, accessible for everyone without being too heavy on the mystical/witchy stuff – although I love that so more would have been fine with me! I hope you’ll do more courses like this in future, I’ll definitely be signing up.”

“To me an excellent teacher is someone that kindly imparts their wisdom and holds a sweet space for you to absorb it. Meghan is just that kind of person. She is caring and wise and she leads from those places. She’s also a great writer, whose words come from a thoughtful and deep place. I love to read what she writes because I always feel like I walk away with a little “aha” moment. I can not wait to see what Meghan puts out into the world next, because there is doubt it’s going to be magical.” ~
Laurie Jacobsen