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Love Letters From Trail Makers

January 15, 2018


Late last year, Jamie Ridler and I were having a Skype date and we talked about what it was like to live creative lives that were largely spent online. We both said how much we have appreciated having or would like to have the advice and the support of other people who are also on the same path – or who are forging their own path entirely.

So we decided to create something magical.

We asked a whole bunch of women if they would send us their best advice for someone who might be on the same path as they were, advice that would hopefully inspire us – and you –  to keep going.

They answered with pure magic. They answered with poems and letters and videos and recordings. They answered with art and with truth and with honesty.

We asked them how they would tell someone, “You can do this to…” and they did!

So here for you is Love Letters from Trail Makers: 32 days of inspiration and love from people doing work just like you.

I know you’ll be as inspired as we were.

 We’d love it if you’d join us.


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