Finding Your Magic

“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.” ~ J.K. Rowling

finding your magic one to one mentoring


A funny thing happened to me about a year ago: over a few days I had three different conversations with people about who I am (and when I say who I am, I mean Who. I. Am.) and about the work I do in the world. 

The funny part? All three of them said almost the same thing. It was like they had gotten together for tea and planned it! Every one of them reminded me that for me it’s all about Freedom and Magic.

Magic: your intimate and total connection to the Universe/ Freedom: the feeling that comes when you are operating from that place of connection.

And that is what I want for you.

Because when you are connected to the Divine – to the Universe, to the Mystery, to the Magic – you stop seeing all of the ways that you don’t measure up. You stop seeing all of the ways that you aren’t good and start seeing all of the ways that you are. When you know that you are connected and supported and on purpose, you can move forward in your life in any and every way that feels right for you.

Freedom isn’t a luxury. Freedom is a fundamental necessity. Because when you move forward from a place of freedom, you have the space and the ability to make Magic. When you are plugged in to who you are – Who. You. Are. – you move from a space of integrity and love.

And then miracles can happen to you and through you.

I want to help you find your Magic. Because it all starts there.

What is it?

One-to-One mentoring to help you Find Your Magic and change your life.

What Options Do I Have?

One Call – for times when you just feel a bit stuck or want a bit of inspiration. I’ll start by doing an Oracle Reading for you, then we’ll go into any questions you have or places you feel stuck. Sometimes just talking it out changes everything.


One Month – (or per month)

What if it is all Magic and it is all an opportunity? And I mean ALL of it: every moment of every day. What if we are always in the middle of a miracle? What if there is an energy that constantly surrounds us and all we have to do is shift focus to participate in it?

What if that is all true? What then?

  • Skype Discovery Session – what exactly is YOUR Magic?
  • Action points/ journal prompts/ experiments and invitations
  • 2 follow-up Skype Calls
  • Email check-ins.
  • 1 Personal Guided Meditation
  • Email support between calls.




A Year

A year of you.

A year of you focusing on you and me focusing on helping you find and inhabit and move forward connected to your Magic.

A year of you having an accountability partner that will hold you to your vision and your commitments and your possibilities.

A year of conscious commitment; of rituals and writing and practices and questions and conversations and connection.

A year of opening up to more.

A year of Magic.

This is for you if:

  • You are feeling that fluttery-nudgey-is-it-nerves-or-is-it-excitement feeling like the Universe is saying yes!
  • You are capable of committing to the cost and the time and the changes that will happen.
  • You are ready, willing, and excited to find your Magic.
  • You have a whole plan mapped out, but you are also open to possibilities and magic.
  • You want to be somewhere different in one year’s time.
  • You don’t know exactly what you want, and you’d like some guidance in figuring it out.

This is not for you if:

  • You struggle with someone asking you questions or challenging you.
  • You already have a whole plan mapped out for your future and are committed to it and you don’t want to change a thing. (That is SO great! But it’s not how I roll.)
  • You are looking for a life coach or a therapist or someone to help you heal. What I am offering you is mentoring and support in looking forward. If looking back, forgiveness, or deep healing is what you are looking for, I can give you the names of some amazing people who would be able to help you with that.
  • You aren’t flexible (I live in the jungle and my internet connection does not always play ball).
  • You are looking for an experience of more traditional magic. The Magic I am talking about is a connection to the Divine, to who you are and to the universe.
  • You don’t want to talk about God/ the Universe/ the Divine/ or anything too woo woo.


The Specifics

  • £675 a month for 1 year
  • A one-year commitment.
  • A Skype Discovery Session to help you find your own Rituals/ Magic
  • 3 Calls a month via Skype & follow ups as needed
  • 1-1 visioning sessions, personal assignments, guided meditations, reading and writing recommendations
  • Email connection (or a private FB group) between calls.
  • A place in any and all courses I offer during the year.
  • The option to spend 4 days playing, adventuring, and visioning with me in Costa Rica (travel and accommodation not included, but I have some very good friends who have some very wonderful places for you to stay!)

Both of us focusing on you and your Magic. Me holding space for you and holding you accountable for the changes you want to make. You remembering who you are. 

Are you in? Email me and let’s talk.



Why me?i love you meghan genge

Because in the last three years I have completely changed my life and I can hold you accountable to changing your own.

“Working with Meghan Genge is, in a word, *MAGIC*. It’s no coincidence that she’s claimed that word as her own. Meghan has a way of seeing into your soul, unraveling the darkest parts of you, and reconnecting you with your truest Self. She does this by asking questions: challenging, playful, mysterious, wonder-full…and sometimes obvious…questions. The ones that you haven’t thought of, or the ones you haven’t been brave enough to face. She does so with kindness, love, and compassion. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Meghan in person and via email/Skype, and she never fails to help create powerful shifts in my life and perspective. She is a bringer of magic, inviting you to play and unravel your life, love, and dreams. I will always invest in her e-offerings and retreats because I know that working with Meghan will change my life in an extraordinary way.” ~ Becki