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Your Soul Knows

May 27, 2016
Your soul knows the geography of your destiny. Your soul alone has the map of your future, therefore you can trust this indirect, oblique side of yourself. If you do, it will take you where you need to go, but more important it will teach you a kindness of rhythm in your journey. – John O’Donohue, Anam Cara


In the past few months conversations I have had with a lot of people have come around to the subject of feeling like an outsider or an alien or a stranger in our own lives. In many ways I completely get it. So many times in my life I have felt like I did not belong somewhere; like I didn’t even speak the same language as the people who surrounded me.

But my soul knows the truth.

My soul knows the way the light hits the surface of a lake.

It knows the lyrics and the beat of certain songs before I have even heard them.

It knows the truth in certain words when they are collected together. It knows books and quotes and lyrics, and it wraps them around me like a blanket just when I need them the most.

It knows the smell of oranges and jasmine tea and onions cooking. It knows lilacs and freshly cut wood and deep, rich wine. It knows the smell of incense – especially nag champa – and candle wax and woodsmoke and dandelions and all of the most important humans in my life.

It knows the paths through the trees and the trees themselves, even if I’ve never been there before. It knows earth and leaves and dappled sunlight. It knows butterflies.

It knows a warm breeze on naked skin.

It knows that there are angels and it introduces me to them on a regular basis.

It knows some people better than I do, and always before we have actually met. If I am open to it, it gives me moments of, ‘there you are!’ – the unmistakeable resonance of a soul mate.

It knows places I have never been, and it calls me to visit them.

It knows wonder and enchantment, and when it finds them, it gives me a nudge to say, “You want more of this.”

It knows power – my power – and it waits patiently as I muddle through all of my favourite illusions of powerlessness.

It knows the way. It always has.

It knows that I am not an alien, not alone, not a weirdo, not lost, and that I do belong. But it also knows that I have lost my way. And so it tries to remind me with those whispers, “This feels good. This feels right. They feel good. Go that way. Follow me. I know the way.”

And if I let it, it reminds me that I am always home.



Heart & Hearth, sacred

Heart & Hearth – The Circle

December 17, 2014

“In ancient Greece, when you left the confines of your safe, cozy community, there were signs posted that said, if you go beyond this sign then you are sacer – you are on your own, without the protection of the community. Sacred, which derives from the word sacer, subsequently came to mean autonomous journeying beyond conventional boundaries. To journey into the sacred is a solo act of defiance.” – Caroline W. Casey, Making the Gods Work for You.


hh2015badge250A few months ago, Sas and I were curled up in her living room talking about the sacred and inspiration and what 2015 was going to be about. We talked about magic and miracles and science and doubt and tribes. We talked about how much we wanted that conversation to continue, but with even more women being a part of it. We talked about wanting to give women a little bit of peace in a crazy time of year. Out of that conversation came the magical Heart and Hearth gathering.

It turns out we weren’t the only ones out there hungry for sacred connection and to be a part of a circle – a tribe – of women. Women joined. Women shared. Women made art and wrote stories and read to their children and spoke differently to their families. Women wrote and asked us for more.

So two weeks ago we met in a teeny tiny cottage and asked for guidance. We brought the laughing buddha and the fire goddess and asked the angels and our guides and our ancestors and yes – even God – for help and to be a part of what we were creating, and then we let go and started to play with paper and sharpies (of course). We dreamed big and let loose. We looked at what we loved to do and what gifts we could bring. We kept the women who would feel called to join us in our hearts. And there in a tiny stone cottage, we cooked up Heart & Hearth 2015.

Heart & Hearth is a year-long conversation about spirituality, faith, doubt and magic. Heart & Hearth has space for the science and the spirit and the laughter and the doubt. Heart & Hearth is a safe place to play with magic and miracles.

Heart & Hearth is a tribe of women gathering around a virtual fire; sharing their stories and their questions, and talking about what is in their hearts.

We would love for you to join us.


Heart & Hearth, sacred

Heart and Hearth

October 24, 2014

Groups run by women are our psychic turf; our place to discover who we are, or who we could become, as whole  independent beings. Somewhere in our lives, each of us needs a free place. A little psychic territory. Do you have yours? – Gloria Steinem ~ Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions


This year has taught me about the true power of intention. Not – ‘I want a red bicycle’ from The Secret – intention, but pure ‘this is how I want to feel’ intention.

A little over a year ago, I stood beside the fire at our first Redfox retreat. I had spent the days before marvelling at how much of our intention that the retreat be nourishing and nurturing had come true. I also knew as deep in my bones as knowing goes, that I was where I was supposed to be. Retreats. Women’s circles. Gatherings. My soul was singing to me as clear as could be.

But then I got scared. Really scared. Sometimes when you see the power of an intention coming true – when you prove to yourself that magic is real – then the safest thing to do is run as fast as you can back to your smallness. My Big Dream was way too big and scary for me to believe in.

But as I stood beside the fire and watched the faces of the other women, I stepped forward and called in movement. I called in deep, real change. (More on the outcome of that next week!) And I felt a shock of energy hit me. The power of real, honest intention held by a circle of women was actually electric. I remember looking across the circle of light and catching Sas‘ eye and feeling so rooted in the magic of intention and friendship, I wished every women could know – as I knew in that moment – that they are more powerful than they can possibly imagine.

But it all started with intention and a circle of women. 

So a few weeks ago when Sas and I were talking late one night about dreams and the sacred and magic, we conjured another circle. We wanted more women to feel what we felt as we circled together. We wanted to bring together some of the most heart-full women we could be brave enough to ask, and have them join us by the fire. We wanted to bring light and peace to the time before the holidays. We wanted to give women a series of precious gifts that they could open again and again, whenever they needed to – with absolutely nothing to do in return. We wanted to bring the sacred back to a time when pulling off the perfect Christmas seems to be more important than the return of the light.

And with that intention, Heart and Hearth was born. And amazing women from all over the world said yes, they would love to participate. And incredible women all over the world are signing up to join us. I hope you will too.