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inspiring women

Love Letters From Trail Makers

January 15, 2018


Late last year, Jamie Ridler and I were having a Skype date and we talked about what it was like to live creative lives that were largely spent online. We both said how much we have appreciated having or would like to have the advice and the support of other people who are also on the same path – or who are forging their own path entirely.

So we decided to create something magical.

We asked a whole bunch of women if they would send us their best advice for someone who might be on the same path as they were, advice that would hopefully inspire us – and you –  to keep going.

They answered with pure magic. They answered with poems and letters and videos and recordings. They answered with art and with truth and with honesty.

We asked them how they would tell someone, “You can do this to…” and they did!

So here for you is Love Letters from Trail Makers: 32 days of inspiration and love from people doing work just like you.

I know you’ll be as inspired as we were.

 We’d love it if you’d join us.


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inspiring women

Welcome, Friends! (An Invocation)

May 20, 2016
Every Tuesday morning I meet with a group of women and we talk about marriage and friendship and community. And we also talk about faith and doubt and the condition of our spirits. We make space for all the leanings of our lives. They are my ardenthearted and I am forever grateful to be walking with them. ~ Alisha Sommer


This week, the wondrous Alisha Sommer wrote the piece above about a group of her friends. It struck a deep chord in my heart and I knew it was something I needed to think about some more. We are committing to this place and we are about to begin building our dream. My physical world is about to get far more man-full in the next 6-12 months.

And I am finally ready to fill it with just as many, or more, women. Women who I can meet face-to-face.  I am officially calling in my own ardenthearted group of women.

I am a big believer in behaving like it has already happened, so here is my invitation, my love letter, and my invocation. Universe, I ask for this, or something better!


Dear You,

Thank you! Thank you for being my friend.

Thank you for holding my heart with tenderness and fierceness and respect and love.

Thank you for not giving a shit if my – or your – house is clean.

Thank you for being there when it matters – and knowing when that is.

Thank you for talking with me about spirituality and faith and doubt and creativity and inspiration.

Thank you for meeting up to talk about absolutely nothing important – just because we like to hang out.

Thank you for occasionally talking with me about moving to an all-female commune, and equally not being threatened or annoyed when I want to talk about how much I love my husband.

Thank you for absolutely and always having my back.

Thank you for shared coffee or tea or green juice or smoothies or wine or margaritas or whatever it is we need most at the time.

Thank you for honesty and sass and spirit and tears and hand-holding and ass-kicking and silliness and shrewdness and kindness and fun.

Thank you for having a full life of your own and understanding that if sometimes we don’t talk for days, it is nothing personal.

Thank you for knowing that this doesn’t mean I don’t love you.

Thank you for understanding if I never cook for you. Truly. I’m terrible at it.

Thank you for being a part of a rich, supportive, growing circle of friends; of a community of amazing men and women. We are so lucky to be here, now!

Thank you for inspiring me with your heart and your contribution.

Thank you for making me laugh so hard and so much.

Thank you for knowing me. Seeing me. Getting me.

Mostly, thank you for finding me.

I love you!




inspiring women, Redfox Retreats

A Conversation Between Foxes

June 18, 2014

“Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other.” – Paulo Coelho


redfox-1When I signed up to go to a wonderful Squam retreat in Italy, I was full of apprehension. Italy? To do nothing but spend time with strange women while eating and painting? It felt decadent and delicious, and ever-so-slightly crazy.

I had looked at other retreats before – I’ve been coveting a place at Squam in New Hampshire since the very first one, and there have been dozens of retreats led by amazing people all over the world that I thought looked wonderful, but until Italy, I hadn’t taken the plunge.

But something felt different. I felt called to attend. It wasn’t just a wish or a ‘wouldn’t that be great,’ it was more of an ‘I have to do this.’ There was no question that I would go. I listened to that small knowing, and booked my ticket.

Attending that retreat changed my life!

In a shared bedroom in a hotel on an Italian hillside, Susannah, Sas and I birthed the idea that became Redfox Retreats, and last October the first circle of women gathered with us in the Somerset countryside. It was astonishing and nourishing and silly and every single participant told us that they felt changed by the experience.

There is just something about women gathering together that is incredibly powerful.

Sas, Susannah and I got together the other night and recorded a little podcast for you about what you can expect at a Redfox Retreat. We talked about the power of women’s circles, nourishment, gluten free cake, what happened at the last retreat and how even we were changed by it. (It all gets quite silly and very honest by the end!)

I hope you will come and hang out with us – both virtually and in person!

with love,

Meghan xoox