“Ask yourself which fear is stronger. What are you more afraid of: changing, or staying how you are now?”


frontcovermeghangengeunfurlMelissa Owens doesn’t know what is wrong with her. What she does know is that the ache in her chest grows deeper every time she allows herself to want more. The other problem? She doesn’t actually know what ‘more’ is. Feeling confused and ungrateful, she spends her days pretending nothing is wrong — until the ache is finally so strong that she goes to a doctor for help.

One business card, a lunch, and a leap of faith later, Melissa finds the courage to finally listen to her heart.

Unfurl is about magic and food and baggage and connection. It is about looking at yourself and the stories that hold you back. Best described by one reader as Eat, Pray, Love meets The Alchemist, Unfurl was initially written in response to Sue Monk Kidd’s comment about women being the largest untapped resource on the planet. Fed stories of unworthiness and fear, shame and guilt, many women believe that they are powerless. This book is my attempt to give contemporary women a new story to believe in.

A modern heroine’s journey with a dose of sacred magic, Unfurl is the story of what happens when you dare to ask for more.

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