A Question of Prosperity

August 25, 2015

This morning as I was scrolling through my feed on BlogLovin, I came across this interview with Pixie Lighthorse on Annapurna Living. When asked about how she starts her day, Pixie says a lot of really wonderful things, but the thing that really struck me was when she said, “I ask myself what I will need to feel successful during the day…”.

Now that in itself is a whole pile of wonderful, but in MY head as I mulled them over, the words changed almost immediately to: I ask myself what I will need to feel prosperous during the day.

Prosperous. That was where my mind went. That was the question it wanted me to think about.

What do I need to feel prosperous today?

It is a very strange thing to walk away from a paycheck and sell nearly all of your stuff and then to want to think about prosperity. I used to feel that prosperity was all about being able to buy what I wanted whenever I wanted, or to be able to go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted. But as we build our life from the ground up, the question of what kind of life we want to lead is divinely tied to the question of our prosperity.

The word prosperity can trigger all kinds of fears and worries and old stories about money, but if you look up prosperity in the dictionary, along with the money words, you get words like: flourishing, well-being, thriving, rich, full, comfort, and plenty. Those words are the words on which I would like to build my life.

And so right now, as the toucan is singing outside of my window, and the rain is beginning to fall, I ask myself these questions:

How can I feel rich and full today? What can I do to ensure I flourish and thrive? Where is there already prosperity in my life?

Instead of bringing up old money stuff, these questions make me smile and they make me think, and I can feel my perspective and my realm of possibility getting wider and bigger. With these words in mind, the answers can come from anywhere. With these questions in mind, anything is possible.

What do you need to feel prosperous today?




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  • Jenny Hyde August 25, 2015 at 2:14 pm

    I love this post so much, Meghan! An abundance (and abundant) daily practice is where I’m at right now. As always, it’s about the practice…

  • Heather August 26, 2015 at 6:50 pm

    I think I just found my WORD for 2016! Thank you!

    much love,