A New Way


“Find a new way. A better way. Your way. The unknown, uncharted path through this wild new world that allows you – yourself, in your uniqueness – to reclaim the full measure of your true nature.” ~ Martha Beck


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This is not an just an e-course, this is an invitation…


I am not going to tell you how to make six-figures in six weeks. I’m not going to show you how to lose weight or gain clients or hack or kill anything. I’m not going to tell you be in the light or to hold more tightly to your darkness.

I don’t do that.

But I will show you that it is possible to love your life.

To live your life on purpose.

To feel connected.

To believe in Magic again.

And to show up for yourself every day.

This is a course about widening your vision.

It’s about finding the Magic in your own corner of the Universe while also pondering its farthest reaches.

It’s about full participation in your own life for as long as it takes to make a real difference.


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“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”~ Roald Dahl


The world is full of people trying to sell you Their Way. They claim to have the answers and promise that Their Way will change your life.

But the world doesn’t need more of those people. The world needs more of YOU.

This course is about helping you find your way. You have to find the way that is yours – the one that sings to your soul, and makes you want to show up and to practice and to fully participate in your life.

This course is about asking you questions and showing you practices and giving you tools to help you find your way, and then helping you be accountable to doing the work and staying on that path.

It’s about you: engaged and embodied and enchanted and on purpose.



What is it?

A year-long circle. Inspiration for your journey. Accountability for your soul work. Motivation to keep going. Connection to similar souls.

You Can Start Any Time

(You can join or leave at any time. There are no ties and there is no behind.)

two paths3-4 Live Calls or Recorded Videos a month, each of which will include a discussion about one of the themes, an opportunity for questions, and a ritual or guided meditation or story to help you dig into that theme. (You will receive the schedule of calls at the beginning of each month. All live calls will be recorded.)

3 email packages a month

Each package will include:

  • Thoughts on the theme (see below)
  • Invitations
  • Book Recommendations
  • Quotes
  • Crystal and Oil and other ‘tool’ Recommendations
  • Journal prompts ~ one for each day of the upcoming week
  • Depending on the theme they could also include: playlists, recipes, or other links and suggestions.

There will also be weeks where you will get an email that is mostly journal prompts. This will give you plenty of time for holidays, to catch up, or to go deeper when you feel called.

Monthly check-in emails to keep you on track.

Participation in our Magic Book Club. Together we will read one book a month – either Magical fiction or non-fiction – all of which have been chosen to expand our sense of what is possible.

Participation in the private Facebook Group. Anyone who has taken classes with me will tell you that I am very present and very active in my groups.

You’ll also get: other live calls, playlists, rituals, recipes, recommendations and conversations, 20% discount on all of my other offerings (including one-on-one working but excluding group retreats), and first chance at all in-person retreats and limited offerings.

All for £37/ month. Paid monthly by subscription through Paypal. You can join or leave at any time. (As long as you stay signed up, you will always pay this rate.)

And when you sign up you will receive an extra package: 

  • An Invitation for Magic – so you can start wherever you are and whenever you are ready.

Yes, please!



When I think about these gatherings I think about you slipping out of the ordinary, through the trees and along a path to find your soul space. I picture you smiling to yourself while you take a bit of time to think about things in a new way ~

and to remember who you are.



I don’t have all of the answers, but I will ask you lots of questions. 

Questions that will make you wonder.

Questions that will make you think.

Questions that will help you to remember who you are.

Questions that will stretch you.

I intend each package to feel like a vision board workshop: full of seeking and finding and hoping and doing.

Because I know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

And I know that with a bit of time and a bit of inspiration and a bit of wonder and a bit of practice, you can create Magic in your life.



Why Do This Now?

I firmly believe that you are Magic.* I also believe that you are probably being far too hard on yourself. This course is about helping you to see things in a different way. Loving your life or changing your life aren’t about all of the ways that you are not showing up, they are about the ways that you are.

Every thing you do to help yourself move just a little bit closer to your True Self helps you move just a little bit closer to your True Self . I can help you see that showing up, fully participating as often as you can, and taking one small step at a time is all that matters.

And if that’s all that matters then there is no time to waste. So let’s begin moving now.

(Each email package & the accompanying video is designed to stand on its own as a mini-course, so no matter when you join, you will never be behind. It’s all forward movement!)

What Will We Do?

Some of the themes for 2018 include:

  • Hibernation & Rest vs. Self Care
  • Gratitude
  • A Year of Eating Magically
  • Your Support Team
  • Working with the Elements
  • The Importance of One Step
  • A Sense of Preciousness
  • Connection
  • Too Much
  • Conspiratorial Wonder
  • Being Tamed
  • Creating Boundaries
  • Knowing What you Want
  • + rituals for the Solstices, the Equinoxes, the Super, Full AND Blue Moon in January, and other important days
  • and dozens more!

Who Am I?

I am a writer, a seeker, and a finder of Magic. I lead courses and retreats for women who are looking to bring more spirit, connection and Magic* into their lives.

I am also the author of the inspirational novel Unfurl.

A few years ago, I was searching for more, but I couldn’t seem to find it. And the more I looked for it, the more unhappy and unsettled I became. Everyone else seemed to have it so easy. Why couldn’t I just decide to change something and have it stick? What was wrong with me?

What was wrong was that I was trying to do it everyone else’s way, and it turned out that what I needed was to find my way and to practice it – a lot. That practice of practicing (don’t worry, I’ll show you AND help you stay accountable) shifted me – one step at a time – into a life that I could never have imagined on my own.

I now know it’s the showing up, the practice, the collaboration, the wonder, the accountability, the gratitude, the moments, the honesty, the attention, and the Magic* that change our lives.

*Magic: the moments of connection between us and the Mystery.

Yes, please!