Enchanting December

November 19, 2016

Enchanting December


Do you want to bring magic back to December?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the upcoming festive season and want to bring some peace back into your holidays?

Would you like to begin the practice of spending just a few minutes a day checking in with your spirit?

Do you have absolutely no time for an e-course because your month is so busy already? (I can help with that!)

Do you want an entire month of presents to open?

Do you love Christmas and would you like to spend it in a circle of like-minded women?

Are you ready to bring a little bit of enchantment to your every day?

Then I would love it if you would join me for Enchanting December!

It is a month of daily emails, all geared towards helping you to not only find the magic in the festive season, but to also have tools and practices to help you get through any season.

We start by doing a guided meditation to help you bring all of the parts of yourself back together, and we’ll end with a new year meditation to help you find the one thing that you want to bring to you in 2017.

I hope you will join me.

Finding the Magic, Magic

Finding the Magic

November 3, 2016

fire meghan genge



What does it mean to you?

I never thought that magic would be something that would be the basis for my whole life. Like many people, I always connected magic to the wicked witch, to darkness, and to the unknown. I saw magic as something other, something that good girls like me would never touch.

But then I started to write and people told me that I helped them to see their magic. And then I co-led a retreat and people there told me I had brought magic. And then more than one person called me ‘Magic Meg’, seeing something in me that I had not seen for myself.

So I began embracing it. Playing with it. Participating in it. Loving it.

Within three years, my entire life changed.

And it wasn’t about spells and it wasn’t about potions. It wasn’t remotely about anything dark at all. In fact, it baffled me because it was about doing something that I already do: finding the magic – the divine – in the everyday.

Magic is the word I use for the moment of connection between me and the Mystery.

Magic is the tingle, the wonder, and the enchantment. Magic is the belief in something more. Magic is the delight, the help, the wink, the words, the Divine, the angels, the mystical, the transcendent, the unexplainable, the miracle, the holy.

Magic, for me, isn’t about anything other than proof that we are all divinely connected.

Magic is the moments when we remember who we are. 

And it is only more powerful in the company of other women.

Which is why I decided to begin hosting gatherings of women in places known for their magic.

Finding the Magic is about me providing and holding the space for you to crack open the door that stands between you and your very best self. It’s about giving yourself permission to play with what magic you can see, can find, and can feel. It’s about delight and play and letting go just enough to see that you are magic.

is about remembering what it is like to feel free.

And that is what I want for you.


i found magic

Be Careful What You Wish For

August 10, 2016
IMG_0797 copy

“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?” – Rumi

When I was very little, I believed in faeries and magic and God. I believed that I could talk to trees and that there were monsters in the little slice of darkness I could see through my bedroom door.

Leprechauns regularly left me pennies.

I always made the same wish for my birthday and I believed that if I wished hard enough, it would come true.

Then, a well-meaning teacher gave us a story to read. The moral of that story was, be careful what you wish for. And, like all really good stories, the message went deep into my soul and stuck there.

Words have magical powers.

I have a large collection of crystals and essential oils and perfume blends and books about wonder and mystery. I buy them for their intention, their metaphysical properties, their magic. But often they sit, unused. I have beat myself with that particular guilt stick over and over and over again, wondering why I hold myself back.

This morning, as I ran my hands over my perfumes, I hesitated over a tiny sample of a wishing blend. I’ve had it for over a year, and, apart from opening it to sniff, I have never used it. I was afraid of what I might wish for while I was wearing it.


I was too afraid of the repercussions to make a wish.

Ever since I read that story, my wishes have been diluted.

If I wish for something good for me, something bad will happen to someone else.

If I wish for something and get it, I may have missed out on something even better.

If I wish for something too much, I will only push it away.

The underlying wonder is that somewhere inside of me sits the unshakable knowledge that I am incredibly powerful, but I have become afraid of that power.

Have you heard it? Do you say it? Do you believe it?

Are you careful what you wish for?

Wrists and heart (and the tip of my nose!) anointed with the wishing blend, hands open on my knees, I held that little girl in love and understanding, and sent love to anyone else who was taught to be afraid of their power. I thanked and blessed the teacher for this perfect lesson at the perfect time, and I imagined erasing that story from my book. Then I wrote a new one:

If I wish for something from a place of my truth, do everything in my power to get it, hold the intention of the highest possible outcome for everyone, and follow the magic, anything is possible.

I call all of my power back to me. I delight in that power. I am big enough to hold that power. I’ve got this.

The change in my energy was immediate and I am still shivering with expanded possibilities.

Words have magical powers. Be full of care for what you wish for.

Go ahead. Make a wish.