A World Beyond Our Imagination

Mar 24, 2015 by

Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t you so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place. — Unknown


meg leapThree years ago I created this page in my vision journal. I knew I wanted adventure and to make big changes in my life. I had no idea what that meant or what it would look like. I just knew that this picture and this quote spoke to something deep in my soul.

Today we get on a plane for our Costa Rican adventure!

Anxious, nervous, terrified, slightly ill, sleepless, excited, overwhelmed -I don’t really have the right word to describe how I am feeling right now. In the past 24 hours, I have repeatedly forgotten to breathe. Those emotions are not included on that vision page, but they are definitely a part of this.

I’ve been really aware of not complaining or stressing about this move. It’s our choice. It’s an incredible opportunity. It’s amazing that we even have this ability to choose…

…but oh. my. goodness I am scared.

If you have time today, I’d really appreciate a happy thought.

with love,





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There is no such thing as a leap of faith.

Mar 23, 2015 by

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. – Harold Whitman


IMG_0522If there is such a thing as a leap of faith, right now we are in the air: legs dangling, hair flying, eyes wide, hoping for a soft place to land.

To be honest, a single leap of faith would be a lot easier than this.

Changing your life – really changing it – requires more than a single leap.

It actually requires leaping – a little or a lot – every single day.

This started with us making much smaller decisions to change our lives. We changed our diet when I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. At the time, that was a leap.

That decision led to us eating better and better and better. Each time was a little leap.

When we first let in the little inkling of the dream of moving? For us at the time, that was a leap.

When we made the decision? Leap.

When I quit my job, when we told our families, when we bought the tickets? Leap, leap and leap.

When we began deciding what to take and what to get rid of? Lots of little leaps.

When we packed our crate, our house, our bags? Leaps.

In the moments when we looked at each other and said, “What the hell are we doing?” (Many, many, times.) Big leaps.

And tomorrow at 11.25 when we finally take off? Leap.

And they won’t stop – because every decision, every choice, every time we do anything that takes us out of our comfort zone – that’s another leap.

My point? That every day we have a choice to make: the easy way, or the way that will take us closer to what we want. Every difficult choice is a choice that will take you closer to another. Every one is a leap of faith.

Leaps are relative. And they never end. Each one leads to another.

You can’t rush the process or see the way they will lead you. You can’t see how they will work out or whether or not it was the right choice. You can’t wish things sooner or ever know the outcome.

All you can do is leap.







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Mar 22, 2015 by

No one has escaped this process of shake down and shake up. If your life is still essentially the same now as it was three years ago I suspect that you have been in a cryogenic deep freeze. Or perhaps you’ve been vacationing on another planet.Chris Zydel


fire move megThe past few days have apparently hosted a huge planetary dance: the end of something which began in 2012, the end of a 19-year cycle and the beginning of another.

No one can ever tell me ever again that the planets don’t have an effect on me.

“Make a powerful intention” the astrologers were saying as I handed in my notice and we decided to move to a different country.

“Let go”, the astrologers were saying as we sold/ gave away/ burned/ packed our belongings; reducing our ownership to the contents of a 5 x 5 x 7 foot crate.

“Everything is about to change” they said as I sat in my parents’ house, homeless, jobless, and in the space between one life and another.

They also say that on the new moon and the equinox, it is important to make a statement of intention – to put the coordinates into the GPS before you set off on a new month.

“The endings we face now, be they losses, disappointments or liberating closure, remind us of the need for deep and abiding alignment with the god-force from here on in, as it threads its way through our lives. – Sarah Varcas via Mystic Mama

These past few years and the past few months I have received proof again and again and again that there is more going on than I know. The support and the nudges and the help we’ve had as we’ve navigated these waters have been illuminating.

When you get a holy yes and you go with it, things won’t always be easy, but magic will happen.

So my intention on this day, as I sit on the edge of a new turn of the zodiac, a new 19 year cycle, a new lunar cycle and a new adventure?


I intend to follow the nudges, the holy yes, the god-force in my life. To believe in the magic of the total unknown, and to have faith in those decisions.

Because going with the magic is so much better than believing it isn’t there.




There is still time to join us!

Do you want to be part of a warm and open-hearted community of women, gathered around a virtual hearth fire? Would you like to join those women for discussion about spirituality, questions, self-care and magic?

Do you crave open, honest conversation about spirituality?

Then we would love it if you would join Sas Petherick and I for Heart and Hearth.


My Why

Feb 17, 2015 by

My wish is that others will learn to stop before I did, to take into account the limitations of their physical bodies and to take the time to listen to the yearnings of their soul.

It is in the taking care of ourselves we learn the ability to take care of others.” – Celia Lashlie, who died yesterday. 


meghan with wingsWhen we tell people that we are about to move to Costa Rica, the question is almost always, “What are you going to DO?”

No one ever asks us why.

Nearly everyone has gone straight to the fears of not-enough. They are practical. How are we going to pay our bills? How are we going to make money? How will we fill our days? How are we going to survive?

But no one ever asks us why we are moving.

No one ever questions the need to move away. No one ever wonders why on earth we would leave a really good job and move to a foreign country. No one ever asks us what the real reasons are for the move.

Because I think that deep down, everyone already thinks they know.

They think we are moving because this life – this seemingly perfect life, isn’t perfect. They think we are moving because we don’t want to spend all year working our asses off just so that we can spend two weeks in the sun getting over it. They think we are moving because we are running away from something; because we think that somehow life will be better somewhere else. They think we are moving because it’s sunny where we are going to live.

And in some ways they are right. But that’s not the whole story. That is only part of our why.

We are moving because we have had huge life lessons in not waiting until you are retired to live. We are moving because we know to our souls that life is precious and that taking care of ourselves has to be our highest priority. We are moving because if we are not happy in this seemingly idyllic life, then it is we that are the problem. If we are the problem, then no job, no car, no vacation, and no stuff can fill that space in our hearts. We are moving because when we made the decision to move, the holy yes that happened at that moment filled us with such peace, we couldn’t not listen.

We are moving because we know that our time and our health and our lives are the most precious things we have; so we are going to build a life that supports, celebrates and honours that.

So what are we going to do? We are going to listen to the messages telling us to move. We are going to get on with living our lives. We are going to create a life from scratch that honours our lives instead of our stuff. We know it’s not going to be easy, that we are incredibly lucky to be able to make this choice, and that anything could happen. But we also know that life is precious and we want to get everything we can out of this time around. So we are going to get on a plane and see where the next holy yes takes us.

We have no other choice.


 “If we are identified with being married to a certain person, with a job, with our very body and life – that’s how deep it goes – there’s not any real peace or freedom because something in us knows that it’s all very fragile.  So we are always on some level kind-of tensing against what’s around the corner.” – Tara Brach




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From the Ashes

Feb 9, 2015 by

When people let go of their clutter, the spiritual work can deeply penetrate. – Tosha Silver, Outrageous Openness


burning our stuffOne extremely short month tomorrow, we leave the UK.

I haven’t been writing very much because all we have been doing since my last post about stuff, is getting rid of more stuff. The amount of stuff two humans can accumulate over the course of a few years is absolutely absurd.


The question that has been echoing through our rooms and across our days is always the same: why did I keep this? And we know that no matter how carefully we choose, when we open the boxes at the other end, the question will probably be the same: why did we keep this?

Why do we keep anything? How does one thing – ordinary to all but us – end up on the permanent life list? How does one thing make the cut?

We have made the cut many, many times. Today, again, we ask: yes or no? Things that made the yes pile three weeks ago are greeted with a sigh of exasperation and a resounding ‘no!’


All I can think is that as we get closer and closer to the end of this life and the beginning of the next, we are shedding more and more layers of ourselves as we shed the stuff of our past. Security blankets, buffers, and the emotional baggage of our past life – so present a month ago – are seeming less and less like the new us. We can’t see how this thing – once so precious – fits into the new version of ourselves. As we pack, the new versions of ourselves are beginning to emerge.

And they don’t need this stuff.

Today we burned a whole lot of stuff. Old journals, paper copies of Unfurl, receipts, and piles and piles and piles of my notes and writing went up in smoke. The last thing that went on the fire was a package of Taos Sage. Putting it close to the edge so that it would smoke instead of burn, we smudged ourselves in the clouds of smoke, releasing everything we didn’t want to take with us.

I know that things will get messier and more complicated and more wrenching and more challenging before they get better. I know that it will get harder and easier to say goodbye to the items that have made up our lives. But I also know that no matter what, a month from now, we will get on a plane and begin the next chapter of our lives. No matter what, two weeks later, we will land in Costa Rica. And I know that no matter what, we will have chosen, consciously, every single thing that is coming with us.

And that feels really good.




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